don't let my new "legitimate looking" store mislead you.

everything at gublerland is still lovingly made by hand in very limited editions, but due to the OVERWHELMING success of my "Gubler-Flu" T-shirt i have decided it's time for the Gube-Shop to step things up a little. 

so i've gone professional, set up a real internet store, gotten a top notch internationally friendly checkout system, and hired a full time staff of fast experienced shippers.

but don't worry, even though its no longer me, my brother, and step-mom hand folding, sorting, and shipping everything from our cramped las vegas living room, i assure you it's all still done with the exact same amount of love you've come to expect from gublerland. (only now my dad gets his living room back)


i hope you enjoy these little treasures as much as i enjoyed making them.



me shipping shirts very late at night

(me shipping shirts very late at night)