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Huggable Rumple

$5000 USD

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HUGGABLE RUMPLE is here with state-of-the-art-HUG-technology, removable banana peel hat, and left foot that is 11% bigger than his right.

And while he’s really good at hugging your neck, he’s even better at hugging hearts, because a portion of all proceeds helps support artists with intellectual disabilities at One Step Beyond in the city of Surprise, Arizona.


I’ve seen the Grand Canyon, the Northern Lights, and “Shrek on Ice” twice, but the most magical thing I’ve ever witnessed was my grandma sewing 2 small buttons onto a sock. Within seconds tattered cotton sprang to life and I would never see the world the same way again.

While “Jerry” was eventually swallowed by time (and the neighbors dog) I still carry his 2 button eyes in my pocket as a reminder of the goodness and magic that can exist in everything if you squint hard enough.

It’s with deep love for my grandma, and an ankle raised to “Jerry”, that I proudly present my cuddliest creation to date…


-State-of-the-art-HUG-technology. Huggable Rumple lovingly grasps your neck, arm, leg, or ceiling fan.

-BIG size. Huggable Rumple is over 2 feet tall! 26 inches to be exact. (that’s two thirds the size of a living Rumple).

-Free-hand, airbrushed eyes. Just like us every Huggable Rumple is completely unique and special!

-Embroidered belly button. DO NOT TICKLE!

-Removable banana peel hat. DO BORROW!

-Green skin so soft if feels like Huggable Rumple has been at a day spa for 3 years!

-Preloaded with UNLIMITED Hugs. No batteries required.

-Guaranteed floppy!


Safe for all ages (Huggable Rumple conforms to all federal and state safety regulations, including CPSIA)

Banana peel arrives with a tiny temporary stitch in Huggable Rumple’s head. Simply snip the thread to make the banana peel fully detachable. It also sticks to Huggable Rumple’s right hand!

You can learn more about One Step Beyond at https://youtu.be/xSSlunJs59Y