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Radical Man | Limited Edition T-Shirt

$3000 USD

This item is sold out.

are you still bummed that you weren't able to get the first limited edition gubler-flu shirt before it sold out?

well now you can have the next best thing...

that's right, a shirt with a drawing of a guy WEARING that shirt. (it really doesn't get much more postmodern than that.)

shirt #4 in the highly sought after "matthew gray gubler-wearable-art-collection" 

this shirt will go on sale Valentines day, February 14th, 2013 at 12:01 a.m. (EST)

proceedes from this sale will be donated to the wonderful Las Vegas Academy of Internation Studies Performing and Visual Arts.

once sold out, the "radical-man" shirt will be permanently retired and will never be available for purchase again, and in case you were wondering... No, I'm never going to make a shirt with a drawing of a guy wearing a shirt with a dawing of a guy wearing this shirt.

NOTE: "radical-man" is being hand printed on a different (more form-fitting) shirt and will thus fit tighter than the (loose-fitting) "gube-face", "gubler-flu", and "mr. skeleton head" shirts. 

it will still however, be so soft you might think you are wearing a cloud.